B2B for companies and reseller

H.P. Marketing offers various B2B services for companies, retailers / resellers, organizations, associations and individuals. We place particular emphasis on expanding the ECOtanka stainless steel drinking bottle reseller network in Europe. We also offer the possibility of individual (logo) printings and laser engraving on ECOtanka and Retap drinking bottles and as well on Tritan drinking bottles.

ECOtanka – briefly explained:
The ECOtanka was founded in New Zealand in 2005 and the produced, sustainable stainless steel water bottles are very popular, due to the growing environmental pollution. From 2010 ECOtanka also were established in Europe, currently in the so called “D-A-CH region” (DE-AT-CH) , Croation and Italy.

Private Label – briefly explained:
With private label we offer the possibility to provide sustainable drinking bottles with (logo) prints and laser engraving in the sense of your corporate identity. From a purchase of only 50 (fifty) drinking bottles we can realize your private label.

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